Siobahn wears a linen shirt, hand painted and stencilled in '  thicket garden-wydahs  '. Inks are low-toxicity, water soluble fabric inks manufactured in Cape Town. These shirts are unique pieces, made to order, taking 4 days of work.
 A MOMAT man’s linen shirt in ‘  the breast plumage of an African sparrowhawk  ’ hand linoprinted over 2 days. Made to order. The shirt hangs on a   LOVE (all Earthlings) Molecule   by David Bellamy.
 Alfonzo wears an upcycled long-sleeve t-shirt hand painted in '  lightning  '.
 Lily wears the MOMAT linen '  glacier dress  '. The backdrop is a length of ‘  surface of the sea  ’, hand painted on linen with a porcupine quill. This piece was exhibited at the Irma Stern Museum in 2018 as part of an ‘Artists Textiles’ exhibition.
 Alfonzo wears a linen shirt in '  rain  ' over-stencilled on a painted design '  Table Mountain sandstone, artesian water — no fracking  '. Siobahn wears a stencilled linen shift in ‘  rain  '. Both designs focus on identification with the maintenance of sweet water access for humans and all Earthlings. Rain becomes artesian water, which nourishes for example, trees, enters rivers, and finally the sea. All MOMAT designs use low-toxicity, water soluble inks.
 MOMAT linen men’s shirts in ‘  incidental pattern  ’. Made to order. The shirts hang on a   LOVE (all Earthlings) Molecule   by David Bellamy.
 Georgia wears a linen shirt in '  surface of the sea  ', hand painted with a porcupine quill, over a linen shift in '  surface of the sea'.
 Siobahn wears a cotton velvet jacket and wrap skirt hand-printed in '  the song of the Cape Robin Chat, in the Autumn after the first rain has fallen  '. The jacket is made from upcycled velvet curtains bought at auction. Made to order.
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